Sunday, 14 October 2012

9th August 12 'Middle Sister' hike near Canmore, Alberta

View Larger MapAfter flying into Calgary from Scotland, we camped near the town of Canmore south of the main Rockies National Parks. Prominant to the south of Canmore were the three sisters- rocky peaks. We decided to hike up the Middle Sister for our first 'warm up' day to get rid of jet lag....

Middle Sister just popping out in the backgound centre. This lake just above Canmore was a lovely swimming spot- our first of many!

We followed trails through the forest but at times found it easiest to climb up the river gulley....

Once above the trees the views opened out to the distinctive Canadian 'front ranges' with their banded sedimentary rock layers.

Quite a dry arid landscape on the east side of the Rockies.

Looking down to Canmore and the Bow Valley

Looking east back towards Calgary.

A rather unusual approach along the manicured grass of the local golf course!

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